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Hypergeometric Functions and Representation Theory

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Report by Michel Jambu & Jorge Jimenez

Report by the local organizing committee

Number of participants : 31 including 3 women

Objectives :

Research and study of hypergeometric functions began from 17th century. Mathematicians like Gauss, Euler and Kummar are pioneers of the theory. Hypergeometric functions are applied in many areas of mathematics including representation theory, mathematical physics and etc. Beginning of the representation theory goes to the late 1800s. It uses many concepts of many branches of modern mathematics. Relationships between representation theory and hypergeometric functions are very tight, for example, coefficients of the representation matrices are usually described by hypergeometric functions. A representation-theoretic approach to hypergeometric functions was developed during the period of 1930 to 1950-s. The essence of this approach is the fact that most hypergeometric functions can be obtained as suitable specializations of matrix elements or characters of representations of groups.
The school will focus on theory of hypergeometric functions, representation theory and representation-theoretic approaches to hypergeometric functions.
The school intends to promote young researchers in Mongolia and other countries. Graduate students and young researchers of Mongolia, from Asian countries and students from other countries like Europe, Japan and America are welcomed.

Administrative and Scientific Coordinators :

- Abish Mekei (National University of Mongolia, Mongolie) mekei at
- Michel Jambu (University of Nice, France) jambu at

Scientific committee :

- Michel Jambu (University of Nice, France) jambu at
- Uuganbayar Zunderiya (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia) zunderiya at
- Abish Mekei (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia) mekei at

Organizing committee :

- Amartuvshin Amarzaya (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia) zaya_math at
- Michel Jambu (University of Nice, France) jambu at
- Abish Mekei (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia) mekei at
- Hiroyuki Ochiai (Kyushu University, Japan) ochiai at
- Vandansuren Adiyasuren (National University of Mongolia, Mongolia)

Date and location :

August 5-16, 2013, Mongolia-Japan center, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Scientific program :

- Michel Jambu, University of Nice, France : Hypergeometric Functions and Arrangements of Hyperplanes
- Toshiyuki Kobayashi, The University of Tokyo, Japan : Analysis of Minimal Representations
- Hiroyuki Ochiai, Kyushu University, Japan : Hypergeometric Functions
- Salem Ben Said, University of Nancy, France : Dunkl Operator in Relation with Generalized Bessel Functions
- Uuganbayar Zunderiya, National University of Mongolia : Hypergeometric Functions

Deadline for registration :

May 12, 2013

Application procedure and Online registration only for applicants not from Mongolia

Applicants from Mongolia must contact the local organizer : Amartuvshin Amarzaya (amarzaya at

Voir en ligne : Local web site