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Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Dynamics

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CIMPA-URUGUAY research school

Salto, March 9-20, 2015

The main objective of the school is to boost the regional activities in Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Dynamics, with focus on some new research trends. We expect it will contribute to increase the interaction between researchers and students from Argentina, Brasil, Chile, México and Uruguay.

On the other hand we also hope that the activity helps strengthen the constitution of the Department of Mathematics at North Regional of the public university of Uruguay. In the longterm, we expect that the activity result in an impact on the cultural development of the northern region of the country, which have been established academic careers related to agricultural production, leaving no option to the basic sciences to students from the region, currently many of which migrate to carry out their studies.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

- Ezequiel Maderna (Montevideo, Uruguay). emaderna@cmat.edu.uy
- Ludovic Rifford (Nice, France). ludovic.rifford@math.cnrs.fr

Scientific Committee

  • Marie-Claude Arnaud (Avignon)
  • Ezequiel Maderna (Montevideo)
  • Ludovic Rifford (Nice)
  • Tere M-Seara (Barcelona)
  • Susanna Terracini (Torino)

Organizing Committee :

  • Alfonso Artigue (Regional Norte - Salto)
  • Adriana da Luz (CMAT - Montevideo)
  • Matilde Martínez (IMERL - Montevideo)
  • Ignacio Monteverde (Regional Norte - Salto)
  • Miguel Paternain (CMAT - Montevideo)


Lectures with abstracts

  • Singularities and collisions of solutions to the N-body problem by Susanna Terracini (Universita di Torino)
  • Variational methods via Levi-Civita regularisation by Sergei Bolotin (University of Wisconsin)
  • Homoclinic orbits, non-integrability, chaos and global instability in Hamiltonian systems by Amadeu Delshams and Tere M. Seara (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
  • Lyapunov functions old and new by Albert Fathi (ENS Lyon)
  • Topics in hyperbolic dynamics by Marie-Claude Arnaud (Université d’Avignon) and Rafael Potrie (Universidad de la República)
  • The principle of minimal action in dynamics and geometry by Alfonso Sorrentino (Roma Tre)

Plenary talks : To be announced

Deadline for registration :

November 2, 2014

Application procedure only for applicants not from Uruguay

Applicants from Uruguay must contact local organizer : Ezequiel Maderna - emaderna@cmat.edu.uy

Voir en ligne : Local web site