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Mathematical Modeling and analysis of complex systems

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CIMPA-KENYA research school

Naivasha, July 20-31, 2015

Report by Josephine Kagunda & Jacek Banasiak

Report by Sylvain Duquesne

Realising the need to demonstrate application of dynamical systems in real life situations and to expose the participants to mathematical skills of formulating complex dynamical models for biological and technical systems gave birth to this school. The need motivated our desire to give our postgraduate students skills in mathematical modelling and analysis of complex dynamic models.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

- Nguyen-Huu Tri (IRD, ENS Lyon) tri.nguyen-huu@ird.fr
- Josephine Kagunda (University of Nairobi) jwndirangu@uonbi.ac.ke
- Jacek Banasiak (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) banasiak@ukzn.ac.za

Scientific Committee

  • Victor Mose, African Conservation center, Kenya
  • Nelson Owuor – University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Jacek Banasiak – University of Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban, South Africa
  • Banda Mapundi – University of Stellenbosch, SA
  • Eunice Mureithi - University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Organizing Committee :

  • Ogana Wandera (University of Nairobi)
  • Josephine Kagunda (University of Nairobi)
  • Nelson Owuor – University of Nairobi
  • J.H. Were – University of Nairobi
  • Victor Mose - African Conservation center
  • Winifred Mutuku - Kenyatta University
  • Roxana Gathogo - Catholic University of East Africa

Scientific Program

The courses and lectures in the school will focus on deterministic and statistical models of biological, ecological and technical systems, and more specifically on the methods used to select, represent, quantify natural phenomena and then analyze the outputs and results with particular attention on long-term behaviour. In the same section the following will be covered :

- Ordinary Differential Equations especially, Qualitative theory,
Stabilility theory and Control problems respectively.

- Dynamical Systems and ergodic theory especially, Smooth dynamical
systems : general theory, Approximation methos and numerical treatment of
dynamical systems, and Applications.

- Numerical Analysis especially, Numerical linear algebra, Numerical
analysis in abstract spaces, 65Lxx Ordinary differential equations, 65Pxx
Numerical problems in dynamical systems and 65Yxx Computer aspects of
numerical algorithms.

- Biology and other natural sciences especially, Mathematical Biology in
General, other natural sciences, respectively

- Mathematics education especially, Mathematical modeling, applications of

- Mathematics, dynamical systems, application to ecology and epidemiology


  • Ernesto Estrada
  • Wilson Lamb
  • Gauthier Sallet
  • Mapundi Banda
  • Jacek Banasiak
  • Anna Marciniak
  • Tri Nguyen-Huu
  • Pierre Auger
  • Livingstone Luboobi
  • Dorothy Hove-Musekwa

This research school is preceded at the same place by the First conference of AWMA (African Women in Mathematics Association) from 16 to 18 July.

Deadline for registration :

May 3, 2015

Application procedure only for applicants not from Kenya.

Applicants from Kenya must contact local organizer : Josephine Kagunda (University of Nairobi) jwndirangu@uonbi.ac.ke

Voir en ligne : Local web site