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African Network for Geometry and Algebra Applied to Development

Algebra and geometry are very active fields of mathematical research. More and more often, software makes it possible to compute examples, or visualize phenomena. The importance of geometry and algebra in applications to various domains including protection of information, biology, optimization, is more and more visible. This evolution, noticed everywhere in developed countries is not sufficiently known in developing countries, particularly in Africa. There are even subregions of Africa where algebra and geometry are currently very little studied. That is why in 2003, August 10, during a meeting in ICTP at Trieste, we decided to create the African network of geometry and algebra applied to development (RAGAAD).

Scientific Council

- Augustin Banyaga : Mathematics Department ; Pennsylvania State University ; USA
- Valérie Berthé : Département d’Informatique, LIRMM ; Montpellier ; France.
- Marie-Fraçoise Roy : IRMAR ; Université de Rennes 1 ; France.
- Mamadou Sangharé : Département de Maths. et Info. UCAD de Dakar ; Senegal.
- Joël Tossa : IMSP ; Université d’Abomey-Calavi ; Benin.
- Jacques Wolfmann : GRIM ; Université de Sud Toulon- Var ; France.
- Ihsen Yengui : Département de Mathématiques ; Université de Sfax ; Tunisia.

Coordination of the network

Coordinators :in the South Marcel Tonga tongamarcel@yahoo.fr, in the North - Julien Cassaigne (France) cassaigne@iml.univ-mrs.fr

Local coordinators : Fatima Boudaoud (Algeria), Léonard Todjihounde (Benin), Gerard Kientega (Burkina Faso), Etienne Romuald Temgoua Alomo (Cameroon), Omporo Mathias (Congo), Youssof Diagana (Ivory Coast), Momo Bangoura (Guinea), Karim Samake (Mali), Lessiad (Mauritania), M’hamed El Kahoui (Morocco), Issoufou Katambe (Niger), Cheik Thiecoumba Gueye (Senegal), Abdeljaoued Jounaidi (Tunisia)

At the moment the network has about a hundred and seventy-five members.

Goals and objectives
- To federate and develop the research capacity of groups in algebra and geometry in Africa.
- To develop RAGAAD/ANGAAD’s links with the international mathematical community.
- To increase the number and to improve the level of publications of African mathematicians in the field.
- To support the orientation of research towards themes of current scientific importance and their applications.
- To emphasise and reinforce the contribution of algebra, geometry and computer science in the search for the solutions to concrete problems encountered in the process of development.
- To organise a scientific meeting of the RAGAAD network at least every two years.
- To contribute to contacts between mathematicians of Africa, in particular by improving the linguistic abilities of researchers.
- To train young African mathematicians, in particular in anglophone countries (Ghana, Nigeria ...) in algebra and geometry.
- To set up new doctoral programmes in Africa and to develop those which already exist.
- To raise the quality of teaching whilst reforming and creating new curricula order to respond more effectively to the requirements of development in Africa. - To help senior african mathematicians which are active in research to become research advisors, in order to make possible their promotion as full professors.
- To promote complementarity of the various Master’s programmes (DEA) in algebra and geometry in Africa and to support student exchanges.
- To support joint supervision of South-South and North-South theses as well as Master’s programmes (DEA) projects.
- To encourage mobility through research visits by members of the network.
- To organise the training of members of the network in the use of the software tools of computer algebra and visualisation.
- To support access by members of the network to traditional or electronic mathematical documentation
- To ensure the visibility of the network by the development of an Internet site

Principal current scientific topics of the network
- Differential geometry and applications
- Algebraic theories and applications (biology, protection of information...)
- Algebraic geometry, real algebraic geometry and computer algebra
- Discrete mathematics and computer science

Activities carried out in 2003-2004
- Launching of RAGAAD on 10 August 2003 at ICTP (Trieste, Italy).
- Workshop Discrete mathematics and biology in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) (10 to 14 November 2003), 30 participants from Benin, Burkina Faso, France, Ivory Coast, Niger, Senegal.
- Research school on Error correcting codes (23 February - 4 March 2004 in Dakar (Senegal) and meeting of RAGAAD, 55 participants from Benin, France, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Russia, Senegal.
- Meeting Real algebrauc and analytic geometry in Morocco in September 2004, 40 participants from Algeria, France, Germany, Guinea, Italy, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal.

Activities carried out in 2004-2005
- Launching of a Master (DEA) of Mathematics and Applications with an international option in algebra, geometry and theory of algorithms at Niamey (Niger), 6 students from Niger, Mali, Chad and Guinea
- Meeting Geometric structures and applications, November 19-26, Dakar (Senegal), with lecturers invited from Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Congo, France, Ivory Coast, Niger, Senegal, and the USA
- Starting of the professional option of the Master Data Transmission and Information Security in Dakar in December 2004. 25 registrations, professionals undergoing training or students.
- Organisation of a workshop Algebra, geometry and algorithims for young african mathematicians (program), from 21 to 25 February 2005 in Niamey (Niger). 65 participants, mainly young people, from 14 countries in Africa (Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia), and from 4 other countries (France, Italy, Sweden, the USA).

Activities carried out in 2005-2006
- At the end of 2005, starting of the research option of the Master Data transmission and information security in Dakar (Senegal).
- Meeting on commutative algebra and error correcting codes from 18 to 25 November 2005 in Bamako (Mali). At this occasion, meeting of the coordonators of RAGAAD, general assembly of RAGAAD, reelection for two years of the general coordonators of RAGAAD and adoption of a text defining RAGAAD’s internal rules.
- Computer algebra school in Marrakech Morocco from 14 to 17 December 2005.
- Symplectic geometry school from 17 to 27 January 2006 in Brazzaville (Congo).
- Workshop Algebra and et Logic oon the logical aspects of transition systems from 4 to 8 April 2006 in Yaounde Cameroon

Activities carried out in 2006-2007
- New group starting doctoral studies in Niamey (DEA de Niamey).
- Workshop on scientific english for mathematicians in Niamey (Niger), January 2007.
- Research school on Geometry and applications in Niger (Niger) from 29 Januray to 5 February 2007.
- Meeting GAP Geometry and Physics in Dakar from 14 to 19 May 2007.
- Summer school in computer algebra and number theory in Tunisia from 27 August to 7 September 2007. At this occasion, meeting of the coordonators of RAGAAD, general assembly of RAGAAD, election for two years of the general coordonators of RAGAAD.
- First West African Training School in Algebra and Geometry in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Activities carried out in 2007-2008
- Support to AfricaCrypt2008 in Casablana (Morocco)
- Workshop in Algebra and Logic in Yaounde (Cameroon).
- Second year of WATS (West African Training School in Algebra and Geometry) in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

Activities carried out in 2008-2009
- Support to AfricaCrypt2009, June 21-25, Gammarth (Tunisia)
- CIMPA research school in Yaounde (Cameroon) from August 24 to September 4, 2009 on Effective Methods and Software from Logic and Algebra for Algebraic Geometry and Cryptography
- Third year of t West African Training School in Algebra and Geometry in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) from September 2 to October 2, 2009.
- Support to Master of Cryptography in Senegal and doctoral programme in Niger
- Support to research visits in France

Activities carried out in 2009-2010
- Workshop in Algebra and Geometry, Abuja (Nigeria), November 30-December 12, 2009
- Support to AfricaCrypt2010, May 3-6, 2010, Stellenbosch (South Africa)
- CIMPA research school in Bamako (Mali) Number Theory and Algorithmic, November 15-26, 2010
- Support to Master of Cryptography in Senegaland Cameroon and doctoral programme in Niger
- Support to research visits in France

Supporting the network : ICTP, CIMPA, AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie), SARIMA, Universities and African states (Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal, Mali, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia), French Universities (Marseille, Rennes, Besançon), ISP , Fondation Schlumberger, NSF.

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