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PRESENTATION (ppt format)

This page is the continuation of the activities in previous years please read them to complete the information at http://www.cimpa-icpam.org/spip.php?article468 and the pages there referred.

The activities are arranged by Countries.

1 Countries

  • Sure countries : Pakistan, India, Nepal, Irak, Iran, Turquie and Bangladesh.
  • Possible countries : Afganistan, Arabia Saudi (Some RSR speaking arabian should take care of it), Buthan, Sri Lanka.
  • Other countries : In west Asia, Kazastan, Uzbekistan, Tazjekistan, Azerbaian, Armenia. It needs to start contact.

2 India There is an agreement with NBHM and in particular his director Balasubramanian to support every CIMPA school in India with the same amount as CIMPA. Also Indian mathematicians involved in CIMPA schools will be supported by NBHM. In 2013 there are three[http://www.cimpa-icpam.org/spip.php?rubrique109] CIMPA schools in India. The agreement with NBHM
is not written, and each of the three schools of this year in India has worked in a different way. Also, the indian participants to schools abroad India, are indeed helped by NBHM, but the amount that each scholar can get from NBHM per year is limited and the support to assist to the CIMPA school is deduce from that amount. This should be revised in the future.

I contacted the embassy of Spain in India to invite them to participate in any of the three schools of this year, but so far did not get any answer. I hope we
can cooperate in the future.

In present, May 2014, the agreement with NBHM needs a total revision. The participants of CIMPA schools abroad are not supported as expected and, in fact,
NBHM needs a selection of the candidates, done by CIMPA, and afterwards they
will do another selection which might end in no supportting any indian participants, as
it has been the case in the CIMPA school in Irak.

Only few days ago the next CIMPA school in India, Khozikode, [http://www.cimpa-icpam.org/spip.php?article575⟨=en] has been cancelled due to cancellations by lecturers and due to the close proximity of the ICM dates in Seoul. It is unfortunate.

3 Irak

Let me emphasize that the situation in Erbil, main place for our cooperation, is in terms of security completely safe. I was there in September 2012, and i saw one of the most progressive countries i have ever seeing. The oppression of Sadam did not allow the Kurds to know the real situation of their region, which is very reach in terms of petrol. Moreover, the ideas that they have to use it are
in my opinion in a proper direction. One of the investments that the kurd government has done is to convert the old military quartes of Sadam in Erbil into a huge park for enjoyment of the population. This together with the notorius constructions everywhere and the brand new cars in the city, 95% of them, makes Erbil a very peaceful and pleasant place to visit.

This year has been particularly productive and, apart from the previous lines of cooperation which will continue running, workshops and visits, we have organized a summer school that will take place the next april, march.

The cooperation with Kurdistan today relies in CIMPA from a scientific point of view. Even though the french embassy will support the action of CIMPA in this region, some support from CIMPA might be needed and used. Part of it will also be used to allow the participation of Irak students to CIMPA schools. The cooperation with Kurdistan-Irak is remarkable and, in my opinion, if a CIMPA school would be useful, it is in this region. It fits remarkably well in the current state of cooperation. The proposal is on the CIMPA commitee and will be resolved at the middle of January. Still we need to work towards the creation of the "Mesopotamian mathematical society" a mathematical society that could unify the activities in the region.

Other sources are as in previous years the University of Salahaddin, Dohuk University and the autonomus government of Kurdistan Irak.

Workshops [http://workshop.uni-sci.org] We expect to have six workshops during the year 2013 four of them are already fixed Adnane Azzouzi in July, on Matlab, Michel Jamby in Topology, Abdeljalil Nachaoui in applied mathematics, and Badih Ghattas on Statistics.

So far the courses of Badih Ghattas and Michel Jambu have been given and
corresponding reports are in this same web page. Late coordination in the support from the French embassy, and selection of candidates had the consequences that participants from Bagdag were very few. The support from the french embassy might be cutted and this maybe make us to also cut the number of workshops. The report of the course of Azouzi in Matlab can also be found in the web page. We include also the report of prof. Hameeda Oda Al- Humedi in which some criticism are found concerning organization and lack of funding from CIMPA.

For the workshop of Nachaoui we soon upload the report. part of it run at the university of Sulaimaniya and part on Salahadin university.

In October 2013 i visited Bashra, together with M. Jambu, F. Pappalardi and M. Waldschmidt. The report is included on the web page. The environment was extremely friendly, and made possible think about the possibility to enlarge the series of workshops to the university of Bashra in the future. It was an international conference in mathematicas and colleagues from many regions in Irak were present which allows contact with other parts of Irak. For example a visit of F. Pappalardi to Baghdad has been arranged.

Visits After the conference on the revitalization of the research in Kurdistan, Irak, 2010, there was an ambitious proposal of designing a mathematical school, following the ideas of ENS- ULM. The documentation is on the political authorities, and we are waiting for the approval to continue its development. In the meantime, visits of Irikians professors abroad, and professors under the VLP program will be a way of increasing the cooperation and formation of future professors of the school.
As a consequence of this visits, in concrete the visit of
Herish Omer Abdullah to Paris to cooperate with Mohammad Eftekhari
they could write a joint paper now published, on December 5, 2013, in the
Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography
under the title Cryptanalysis and improvements on
some graph-based authentication schemes. This is a very good new and an input to continue this line of cooperation.

Intensive courses. The main achievement in cooperation in the year 2012 is the establishment of intensive courses either in April or October to build solid bases in fundamental mathematics. These are one month courses in the master program of Salahadin university focused in the practical perspectives of basic mathematics. Problem solving is one of the main problems in mathematics in Irak, and these courses will be design to improve and consolidate a course insisting heavily in the solutions and proposal of problems to the students. A local professor will also follow the course and help with the material. He will be in the future in charge of updating the list of problems and solutions and to teach it in the future. This is the beginning of the program of the center of mathematics mentioned in 2010. The first of this courses will be given next April by M. Nachaoui, Nantes university.

The course by Nachaoui was given an a report will be included in this web page soon, and another one by Michel Jambu will be delivered this year. Also for 2014 has been selected a new CIMPA school on inverse problems to be hold in Salahaddin university.

As for 2014, In may from 5 to 14 we celebrate the CIMPA school, you can read the report on the corresponding web page soon [http://www.cimpa-icpam.org/spip.php?article564⟨=en]. I believe the subject of the school is simply perfect for this region, for two reasons, first it includes pure and applied mathematics as well and it can provide a new line of research on Salahadin university. Second, is the clear and direct application of the knowledge to the territory. In particular, inverse problems serve to find the real shape of a ballon of oil underneath the earth, and the shocking progress of Kurdistan stands on the petrol below it. It is remarkable that, only few months ago, and without agreement of Bagdhad, Kurdistan is selling its own petrol internationally.

During the school Abdelkrim Chakib agreed to give an intensive course next May.
Also, is worth to mention that the only indian participant comming to the school was
deported at Erbil’s airport, even that he had irakian visa. The police told him he needed a letter from the minister of interior. He was the only participant being asked for that, even though we had participants from Pakistan, from Morocco, France and Spain.

4 Pakistan

Nowadays cooperation with Pakistan is mainly with the ASSMS in Lahore, [http://www.sms.edu.pk]. ASSMS is the first center in under developing countries to get the level of emerging regional center of excellence. There is a strong phd program, and several international workshops are hosted in the center. In particular in march 2013 it will take place the sixth world conference on twenty first century of mathematics. Thanks to the intervention of CIMPA the phd program of the school will count in 2013 with the presence of a master student of Cambodgia. He should have started in September but the visa arrangement is still an issue to be solve during this year. In the meantime this student could end up going to India to enroll in a master program. Several schools have already taken place in ASSMS and there is a proposal for a new one for 2014, that was approved at the meeting of CIMPA last January, 2013.

We keep close contacts with the French Embassy in Islamabad, in particular we follow their advice concerning security aspects. Also this Embassy recently gave two postdoc scholarships to students from ASSMS. On the other hand, we could say that ASSMS is financially independent, so the help of CIMPA should be of scientific nature in principle, except for maybe covering the expenses of CIMPA representatives.

Concerning the CIMPA school scheduled for next November, [http://www.cimpa-icpam.org/spip.php?article587⟨=en], even though the situation seems unsafe, we have been in contact with the french embassy in Islamabad, and the present in formation is that the terrorist activity is really moderate. In the next AG, May 23 we will decide whether the school will continue as programmed.

5 Nepal

The situation in Nepal is very promising to start an action in the national mathematical landscape. The main mathematical institutions agree in a common project, some funding from the university is available, but still the political institutions should be convinced to invest in a program in mathematical science and the benefits that this could have in the society.

In 2012 we completed the number theory course given in September and November 2011. It is now part of the Syllabus of master program in mathematics, and in 2013 is being taught by Ajaya Singh, a local professor at TU.

There is also a project for a CIMPA school. In middle January we will see if the school of Nepal for 2014 is accepted.

But the main action for 2013 is the agreement of the VC of TU, Hira Bahadur Maharjan which turns out to be also mathematician. He can provide with space, and also with convenient conditions for the master students, also teachers at the university, to assist actively to intensive courses that will form them in basic mathematics focused in problem sessions without losing the theoretical perspective. We conclude to organize four intensive courses for April 2013, with the idea to continue this program in the future. These four courses will be chosen among Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, Number theory, Statistics, and applied mathematics. The professors will come from developed countries thanks to the volunteer lecturer program, VLP, http://www.mathunion.org/cdc/volunteer-lecturer-program/ created by the commission for developing countries, CDC, of the International Mathematical Union, IMU. The local funding will be provided by TU and the main funding institution in Nepal for sciences, the Nepal academy of science and Technology, NAST.

Another long term project is the construction of a new center of mathematics, the Center of Mathematical Sciences, CMS. The spirit of this center is to make closer mathematics to the society centralizing the mathematical activities in Nepal, both at research and educational level, outside the university in a more manageable institution. The novelty in the way of teaching in the intensive courses will have an immediate impact in mathematical education, but also it will serve as a guarantee, to be presented to the local authorities, to show the benefits of constructing the new Center in Mathematical Sciences.

These actions of cooperation are the conclusion of a visit of Michel Waldschmidt and myself to Kathmandu in October and November 2012. The full report, as well as the two reports of the meetings by Ram Man Shrestha can be found in this web page.

The financial support of CIMPA in this region should be stronger. The economy of the whole country is really poor and so maybe we can only expect them to cover local expenses. CIMPA might need to help to bring speakers, CIMPA representatives, nepalese students to summer schools in India and neighboring CIMPA schools. There will be a need to start communication with the chair of the NBHM in India, Balasubramanian as well as ANMA an association of Mathematicians of Nepal living in America.

See my report on this same page about our visit to Nepal November 2012 as well as those of our meetings done by Ram Man Shreshtha.

By June 2013, The central department of mathematics at TU had committed to organize an international workshop in dinamical systems. This has ended to be incompatible with the intensive courses, and will be postponed even that we had already some professors to deliver the courses.

Manoj Gyawali, lecturer at TU had the opportunity to visit France for one year under the Erasmus Mundus program EMEA [http://www.emeuropeasia.org/], now moved to Emma [http://emmasia.uevora.pt/emmasia]. His experience is written in a report in this web page.

In December 2013 there has been a preparatory course by Abate for the CIMPA school scheduled for November 2014.

Also, in December, F. Pappalardi visited Kathmandu to work with Ajaya Singh in the preparation of the CIMPA school, see his report on this web page. Unfortunately Arnaldo Nogueira had to be replace by Renaud Lepladieur as the organizer of the school. Since CIMPA arrived to Nepal, there have been cooperation with countries like Italy, Canada, or Japan.

6 Buthan

My purpose is to update the situation in Buthan. So far we have the contact of Rinzin Namgyel doing his master in Warsaw.

7 Turkey-Iran

It comes together with the Mediterranean ring and everything should be informed to Ahmad El Soufi. The relation of France with Iran is not easy. I intend to involve Spain in this cooperation.

In the year 2012 we had several meetings in Paris and Istambul to understand the situation of the cooperation with Turkey and neighbourhing countries. There is programed a workshop in algebraic geometry that will be prepared by Bernard Teissier in the mathematical village next summer. In the same workshop we will convoke a meeting trying to attract mathematicians from all over Turkey to establish the lines of future cooperation with the countries in the area. Nowadays Turkey is the perfect place geographically and politically. Read the reports of Abdelmejid, Univeristy of Evry responsible of the cooperation in this area based on the notes of Rahim Zaare-Nahandi professor of the university of Tehran.

After the reopening of the french embassy in Teheran, an email by Pierre Andre Lhote Attaché de coopération scientifique et universitaire, cooperation with Iran has restarted, and a summer school for 2014 is already organized by Marc Chardin, from Jussieu, and Siamak Yassemi and Rahim Zaare-Nahandi from the University of Teheran. On the other hand, a workshop in valuation theory will be organized at Nesin Mathematical Village close to Istambul next may, and a CIMPA school in algebraic geometry and number theory in June. Those events could be considered as preparation for the CIMPA and It would a good oportunity to bring some students from Iran and other neighbouring countries.

8 Bangladesh.

I am very glad to say that cooperation with Bangladesh has started, thanks to
the visits of F. Pappalardi last December, and M. Waldschmidt, on March 2013. In
particular a CIMPA school might be organized by Md Anwar Hossain for 2016. See their interesant reports on [http://www.math.jussieu.fr/~miw/articles/pdf/RptBangladesh032014.pdf] and http://www.mat.uniroma3.it/users/pappa/missions/2013_Bangladesh.pdf

9 Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan.

Students could go to the training sessions in India.

10 RSR Activities

I might travel to different parts just to maintain contact with the mathematicians in the different countries, mainly Irak Kurdistan, Turkey, Nepal, India, and maybe Iran. These trips will always be surrounded by a mathematical activity in the area.

I am organizing different meetings with the former RSR M. Waldschmidt, and very many different people located in Paris, related with cooperation in Turkey, Nepal, Iran, Irak and other countries.


[Jorge Jimenez Urroz] Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Campus Nord, edifici C3, C. Jordi Girona, 1-3, 08034 Barcelona, Spain. Email : jorge.cimpa@gmail.com
December, 2, 2013

report on turquie by Abdelmejid based on notes by Rahim - 52.1 ko

report nepal 2012 - 84.6 ko

Nepal 2013 by F. pappalardia - 54.6 ko

summer school teheran 2014 - 33 ko