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Cantor-Salta 2015 : Dynamics on Cantor sets

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CIMPA-ARGENTINA research school

Salta, November 2-13, 2015

The goal of this school is to promote in South America, and more specifically in a large region around Salta, the study of dynamical systems defined on Cantor sets.

Among them, the subshifts, the Bratteli-Vershik dynamics, the cellular automata, the tiling dynamics or those on the set of p-adic integers.
Many point of views will be investigated : ergodic theory, topological dynamics, theoretical computer science, discrete geometry, number theory, numeration systems, automata theory, …

The scientific program will be divided into 8 lectures of Master’s degree level.
In parallel there will be an initiation to the software of mathematical computation SAGE

Administrative and scientific coordinators

- Fabien DURAND (Amiens, France) fabien.durand@u-picardie.fr
- Jorge Fernando YAZLLE (Salta, Argentina) yazlle@unsa.edu.ar

Scientific Committee

  • Valérie BERTHE (CNRS, France)
  • Maria Isabel CORTEZ (U. Santiago, Chile)
  • Alejandro MAASS (U. Chile, Chile)
  • Samuel PETITE (U. Picardie Jules Verne, France)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Jorge F. YAZLLE yazlle@unsa.edu.ar
  • Camilo A. JADUR jadur@unsa.edu.ar
  • Eudosia N. DIAZ endh@unsa.edu.ar
  • Elda G. CANTERLE canterleelda@gmail.com
  • Mónica N. CRUZ monicanancy@gmail.com
  • Scientific Program

  • Valérie BERTHE (CNRS, France) : Around Rauzy fractals
  • Maria Isabel CORTEZ (U. Santiago, Chile) : Full groups in Cantor dynamics
  • Ai-Hua FAN (U. PICARDIE JULES VERNE, FRANCE) : Dynamics on the Cantor set of p-adique integers
  • Alejandro MAASS (U. Chile, Chile) : Dynamics of cellular automata
  • Samuel PETITE (U. Picardie Jules Verne, France) : Linearly repetitive tilings
  • Mathieu SABLIK (AIX-MARSEILLE U., FRANCE) : Multidimensional subshifts : some links between dynamics and comptutability
  • Ayse SAHIN (DE PAUL U., UNITED STATES) : Towers in ergodic theory
  • Vincent DELECROIX (CNRS, LABRI BORDEAUX) : Sturmian sequences, interval exchanges, billiards, translation surfaces and Teichmuller flows
  • Fabien DURAND (Amiens, France) : Substitutions dynamical and applications
  • Jorge Fernando YAZLLE (Salta, Argentina) : Initiation to SAGE

Deadline for registration

September 13, 2015

Application procedure only for applicants not from Argentina.

Applicants from Argentina must contact the local organizer : Jorge F. Y AZLLE (yazlle@unsa.edu.ar)

Voir en ligne : Local web site