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How to Apply a CIMPA Research School

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Registration must be made online : http://students.cimpa.info

Deadlines are strict even in case of technical problems. Also for receiving recommendation letters.

A friendly but strong warning : fill your form early enough.

CIMPA is a small organisation of mathematicians which makes great efforts. Deadlines are strict in order to be fair, to have time to work and to avoid a mess at CIMPA.
You can wait until the very last day, but at your own risk. If you encounter problems for creating a user account, uploading files, forgetting password, or receiving email confirmation, CIMPA will not be held responsible.

Warning bis : recommendation letters are requested by the system once you send definitively your application. But the deadline for receiving letters at CIMPA remains the same. If you do that very close to the end, an unfortunate consequence could be that letters will arrive too late and they will not be compiled.

When contacting mathematicians for recommendation letters stress this point, referring to this text (copy and paste for instance).

CIMPA can provide financial help for young mathematicians (generally less than 38 years old or having a recent Ph.D.) from neighbouring regions of the research school. Financial support can cover travel expenses and if necessary, lodging. In this case CIMPA also cover the registration fee.

Otherwise travel and lodging expenses must be covered by the participant. A registration fee collected by CIMPA from participants (out from lecturers) coming from other countries than the one of the Research School is required. Participants from developing countries can require to be exempted – their demand will be automatically accepted. Other exemption requirements will be considered case by case.

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