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Number Theory in Cryptography and Its Applications

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Report by Kanhaiya Jha

Report by Francesco Pappalardi

Report by Michel Waldschmidt

Objective :

The objective of the school is to provide introductory training in Number Theory and Cryptography to graduate students and young researchers from Nepal and other countries in the same area.

We would like to adress the school to « pure mathematicians » not necessarily with a backgound in computing. Mathematicians from Nepal and neighboring countries need to develop activities in this direction.

Organizing committee :

- Kanhaiya Jha (Kathmandu University) jhaknh@yahoo.co.in
- Francesco Pappalardi (Università Roma Tre) pappa@mat.uniroma3.it

Date and location :

July 19-31, School of Science, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal

Scientific program :

The school will consists of two parts. The first part of about 10 days of introductory elementary courses which are meant to prepare the attendants to the second part. In the first part courses will outline generalities in : Algorithmic aspects of elementary number theory, finite fields, basic algorithms of public key cryptography and probability theory. The second part of about 10 days is devoted to an introduction to some special topic in Number Theory and Cryptography. In total the school will consist in 10-14 courses of variable length with an average of 16hours/course.

First part

  1. Sukumar Das Adhikari (Harish Chandra Research Institute) : Algorithmic introduction to Number Theory Syllabus
  2. Kalyan Chakraborty (Harish Chandra Research Institute) : Introduction to basic Cryptography
  3. Corrado Falcolini (Roma Tre) : Wolfram Mathematica Laboratory
  4. Roberto Ferretti (Roma Tre) : Selected Numerical Methods
  5. Elisabetta Scoppola (Roma Tre) : Introduction to Probability
  6. Michel Waldschmidt (Paris) : Finite Fields

Second part

  1. Pierre Arnoux (Luminy) : Primality Testing and Factoring Algorithms
  2. Shigeru Kanemitsu (Fukuoka) : The Riemann zeta function
  3. Florian Luca (UNAM Morelia) : Smooth numbers and their applications
  4. Christian Mauduit (Luminy) : Random Sequences and Cryptography
  5. Francesco Pappalardi (Roma Tre) : Elliptic Curves in Cryptography
  6. Igor Shparlinski (Maquarie U.) : Applications of smooth numbers in Cryptography
  7. Kanhaiya Jha (KU, Nepal) : Division Algorithm and Fixed Point
  8. R.P. Pant (Kumaon University) : Number Theory and fixed point

Deadline for registration :

April 30, 2010

Voir en ligne : Local school’s web site