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Recent Developments in the Theory of Elliptic PDE

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Report by Ahmad El Soufi and François Murat

Objectives :

The Analysis of Partial Differential Equations one of the main fields of the today research in Mathematics. It concerns a great number of researchers from the Near and Middle East, even if there is no structure, institutional or not, which allows them to meet, exchange and collaborate. Organizing a CIMPA school on “Recent Developments in the Theory of Elliptic Partial Differential Equation is therefore a way to bring together researchers and graduate students from the region working in this field and to promote collaborations between them and mathematicians from Europe as well as to encourage the establishment of professional relationships and collaborative projects between mathematicians from the Middle East area.

Organizers :

Ahmad El Soufi (Université de Tours, France), Mustapha Jazar (Université Libanaise, Liban), François Murat (Université Paris VI, France)

Local organizers :

Mohamed Abdalla Darwish (University of Alexandria at Damanhour, Egypt), Alaa A. El-Bary] (AAST, Alexandria, Egypt)

Working languages :


Date and location :

January 26-February 3, 2009 (new dates), Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt

Scientific program :

abstracts and schedule (final version)

COURSES (5 hours for each course) :
- Maria J. Esteban (Paris Dauphine, France) : Introduction to variational methods for non-compact problems
- Vincenzo Ferone (Napoli, Italy) : Symmetrization methods and applications to PDE’s (lecture1, lecture2, lecture3)
- Mohamed Jaoua (Tunis, Tunisia) : Data completion and applications to some inverse problems (lecture1, lecture2, lecture3, lecture4, lecture5, lecture6, lecture7)
- Alessio Porretta (Rome II, Italy) : Elliptic equations with first order terms
- Didier Smets (Paris VI, France) : Geometric flows and motion of thin interfaces (lecture1, lecture2, lecture3)
- Muthusamy Vanninathan (TIFR Bangalore, India) : Homogenization problems and Bloch waves

SEMINARS (2 hours for each seminar) :
- Fabien Flori (Université Française d’Egypte, Chourouk, Egypt) : Properties of some partial differential equations related to free boundary problems
- François Murat (Université Paris VI, France) : Non elliptic problems with right-hand side in L1 (lecture1, lecture2, lecture3)
- Frank Pacard (Université Paris XII, France) : Geometric aspects of the Allen-Cahn equation

- Abdelhamid Ainouz : Homogenization of a contact problem in linear viscoelasticity
- Waad Al Sayed : Large solutions for some parabolic problems
- Arnaud Anantharaman : Using concentration-compactness theory to analyze some chemistry models
- Mohammed Bouchekif : On singular elliptic equations with a concave term and critical Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg exponent
- Ahmed Boughammoura : Homogenization of a degenerate parabolic problem in a highly heterogeneous medium with fibers
- Mohamed Abdalla Darwish : Existence and asymptotic stability of solutions of a perturbed quadratic fractional integral equation
- Mohamed El-Fakharany : Spectral analysis for some model of fluid flow
- Aboubacar Marcos : Solvability of a quasilinear problem under nonresonance conditions on the potential
- Boris Muha : Modelling and analysis of a fluid flow through a junction of pipes with lid
- Jiaquing Pan : The expanding behavior of the set of positive solutions of a degenerate parabolic equation
- Dirar Rebah : Steady vortex rings and rearrangement